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The Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association has developed a new and improved website dedicated specifically to education and career opportunities in the RV Industry in Ontario.

To find out if a Career in the RV Industry is right for you, check out all the job descriptions for the positions that may be available at a dealership.

You can browse through our RV Careers website to find a list of our current vacancies. You can choose to browse our current RV career vacancies in french or english.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) assists members of the Canadian Forces (CF) who have retired early or have been or will be medically released in making the transition to the civilian workforce.

TAP encourages prospective employers, in both the public and private sectors, to consider providing employment to these highly skilled, fully trained, qualified and job ready CF members.

TAP works collaboratively with such stakeholders as: Personnel Selection Officers (PSO) via the Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN), medical Case Managers, Service Income Security Insurance Program (SISIP) counsellors, and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Transition Counsellors and Job Placement providers under the New Veterans Charter, in order to maximize as seamless a transition as possible for CF members leaving military service.

ORVDA is now registered with the TAP program.
The TAP website is linked directly to ORVDA’s website.

What This Does For Members:

  • Provides a potential pool of disciplined workers
  • Usually in the 40-45 age group
  • Many of whom are skilled in many areas
  • Ideal for employment and training as RV Technicians
  • Most have a lifetime pension
  • All want interesting employment