Propane Courses

Certification by Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is mandatory in Ontario when anyone works with a hydrocarbon (fuel oil, gasoline, natural gas and propane).
ORVDA, in cooperation with TSSA, has developed the most comprehensive and challenging training programs (RV1 and RV2) in all of North America. These courses do not focus on answers but understanding. Our programs have a great extent of detail and explanation so that the technician can provide high quality service that provides job satisfaction for the employee and first class service for the customer.
The RV2 and RV1 Propane Certification Courses are held at TS Technical College, located in Meaford, ON
What does the RV2 Certificate allow me to do?
The RV2 certificate holder is permitted to perform the following functions on a mobile home, recreational vehicle or trailer under the general supervision of an RV1 certificate holder:
  • Re-light appliances that have been operating in a satisfactory and safe condition.
  • Clean/lubricate appliances.
  • Remove and re-connect propane appliances.
  • Conduct a leak test of the propane system and appliances.
  • Exchange cylinders and replace O rings on the POL fitting.
Under the direct supervision of an RV1, the RV2 certificate holder may perform all of the functions that fall within the scope of an RV1. No one is permitted to work/handle propane, propane containers, piping/tubing, propane appliances or components unless they are certified. The prospective student can observe an RV1 perform specific tasks. The student is not permitted to perform the actual tasks until he/she becomes a certificate holder.
What does the RV1 Certificate allow me to do?
  • Install, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove
    1. Any propane consuming non vented, direct vent or power vent appliances installed in a Recreational Vehicle, Mobile Home or Trailer.
    2. Cylinders, regulators, hose and tubing to supply the appliances.
  • The RV1 certificate does not allow you to install, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove
    1. Any natural gas appliance. You are allowed to convert appliances from natural gas to propane provided they are approved for it.
    2. Any natural draft appliance regardless of where it is installed.
    3. Any underground tubing.
    4. Any propane storage tank that is not part of the vehicle.
How do I register for Propane Training?
To register for the RV2 course, contact the ORVDA office and request a registration form. Send the registration form back with payment.
To register for the RV1 course, contact the ORVDA office and request a registration form. This form must be sent back with a Work Experience Memo.
Type the memo onto company letterhead and be sure to send it back with the registration form and payment.


RV2 (entry level) :  Dec 2019 & Jan 2020 – Exact dates still to be determined
RV1 (advanced) : Dec 2019 & Jan 2020 – Exact dates still to be determined
*Contact the ORVDA office for a registration form – 1-888-331-8885
NOTE: Please note registration closing dates as TSSA requires student registration list 20 business days prior to course date.
An information package will be mailed to the student and emailed to the dealer contact once registration and full payment are received at the ORVDA office.
> Inquiries? Please contact the ORVDA office at 905-659-8800 or
Courses are open to members of the ORVDA and the general public