RV Regulations

RV Weights & Licencing

As of July 1, 2011:

Permits operation and towing of an RV up to 11,000 kg “combined vehicle   weight” (car/truck & RV), for personal use, with a “G” Licence and an optional RV Safety Towing Checklist/test and identification card (for enforcement and insurance clarification). The latter is available through any participating ORVDA RV dealer in Ontario. (Ontario Regulation 340/94)

With this card, you identify yourself as having completed an over-weight RV test/questionnaire.

The card confirms that your RV, if applicabale, falls within the 11,000kg. (24,250lbs) combined (tow vehicle and towed vehicle) category. Most tow vehicles fall within the 4,500kg (9,900lbs) range.

Now you are identified as being registered to tow an RV weighing up to 6,500kg (14,325lbs).

If your combined tow vehicle and towed vehicle weigh more than 11,000kg. an “A” licence is required.

This card validates travel in most State and Provincial jurisdictions that have a reciprocity agreement with Ontario.

Is this card mandatory?  NO

Is it recommended to have this card?  YES

Ontario Safety Towing Checklist/Test Service Centres
RV Dealer Location Phone # Website
B&J Trailer Sales Belle River 888-825-0335 www.bjtrailer.com
Camp-Out RV Sales Stratford 866-667-6615 www.campoutrv.com
Campkin’s RV Myrtle Station 888-743-9378 www.campkins.com
Can-Am RV London 866-226-2678 www.canamrv.ca
Can RV Repair Centre Vars 613-443-7878 www.canrv.ca
Christie’s RV Sault Ste. Marie 800-457-9199 www.christiesrv.com
Destination RV Waubaushene 855-496-8778 www.destination-rv.com
Earlton RV Earlton 800-434-3159 www.earltonrv.com
Heimstra Trailer Sales London 888-451-6662 www.heimstratrailer.ca
Hitch N Go RV Delhi 519-582-1843 www.hitchngorv.com
Leisure Trailer Sales Tecumseh 800-363-8925 www.leisuretrailers.com
Len’s RV Brighton 800-254-5367 www.lensrvsales.com
Morry’s Trailer Sales Walkerton 800-830-3336 www.morrystrailersales.com
Niagara Trailers St. Davids 905-262-4518 www.niagaratrailers.com
Sauder’s Camping St. Jacobs 519-664-2633 www.sauderscamping.com
Sicard Holiday Camper Smithville 800-688-2210 www.sicardrv.com
Springmount RV Centre Owen Sound 519-372-3485 www.springmountrv.com
Stormrunner RV Bayfield 519-565-5666 www.stormrunner.ca
Vos Trailers Stittsville 613-836-4841 www.vostrailers.ca