Stolen company truck & attempted RV theft

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On September 30, 2019 at approximately 11:15 pm, at least two individuals (possibly more) illegally entered the Camping in Style RV Dealership yard. They manually pushed a 5,000 lb trailer that was blocking the gates 8 feet out of the way. Security footage suggests the alarm was triggered by the trailer’s steps scraping along the gate.

Staff members arrived quickly and discovered a man trying to connect a trailer to a company truck stored in the yard. The suspects jumped in the company truck and fled through the dealership gates. Neither they nor the truck have been located.

Description of  stolen truck

  • 2015, grey 3500 Single Cab
  • License plate number: AF7 2278
  • no logos or any identifying company information on the truck

Should you see this vehicle, please contact: Tara Goulet at 905-655-8198 or 866-655-8198 or email :

Please keep your dealerships and employees on alert for any sighting of this vehicle and or additional attempts at RV theft.


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