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As COVID-19 continues to sweep the country, regulations aimed at protecting lives have continued to evolve.

Last Friday, the Government of Ontario reduced the scope of businesses deemed essential. For the RV community, that meant sales were limited to online channels. Showrooms were closed; test drives banned.  These new regulations are in effect until at least April 18, 2020.

Front line workers, first responders and the myriad of Canadians providing essential services are risking their own health to deliver healthcare, food and ensure critical infrastructures like the electrical grid continue to function. These tightened regulations aim to slow the spread of this deadly virus and protect us all — including those delivering essential services.

A generous community response

Our community has responded magnificently during this crisis. Many have volunteered their expertise: assisting front line workers with temporary mobile housing and providing service units for front line workers.

Local communities, all levels of government, the media have all taken note of the selfless contributions of the RV industry.

Respecting the spirit and the letter of the law

To help you determine what to avoid and what you can do to help, please review the Government of Ontario’s revised definition of essential services. The following sections of the new regulations provide clear guidance that will enable our members continue to help without inadvertently exposing their family, friends, local community and customers to increased risk:

Supply chains

#1: Businesses that supply other essential businesses or essential services within Ontario, or that supply businesses or services that have been declared essential in a jurisdiction outside of Ontario, with the support, products, supplies, systems, or services, including processing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, delivery, and maintenance necessary to operate.


#7. Vehicle and equipment repair and essential maintenance and vehicle and equipment rental services.

Services to the public that are restricted to alternative methods of sale

#15. Stores that sell any of the following items and provide them to the customer only through an alternative method of sale such as curb side pick-up or delivery, except in exceptional circumstances:

  • Hardware products.
  • Vehicle parts and supplies.
  • Pet and animal supplies.
  • Office supplies and computer products including computer repair.
  • Safety supplies.


Transportation services

#21. Businesses and facilities that provide transportation services, including,

  1. transportation services provided by air, water, road, and rail, including taxis and other private transportation providers, and
  2. support services for transportation services, including,
    A. logistical support, distribution services, warehousing and storage, truck stops and tow operators,
    B. services that support the operations and safety of transportation systems including maintenance and repairs, and
    C. marinas, but only to the extent that the marina is necessary to enable individuals to access their primary place of residence.

#22. Businesses that provide and support online retail, including by providing warehousing, storage and distribution of goods that are ordered online.

COVID-19 has caused enormous economic hardship for all of us. Our community’s response has been incredibly generous. Let’s all continue to pull together to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you,

Natalie Conway
Executive Director

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