RV Regulations

Refuelling Propane Vehicles at Licensed Propane Refuelling Stations in Ontario

Release date: May 2018: Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), proposed significant changes to the Propane Code Adoption Document (“CAD”) which would require RVs equipped with permanently mounted propane tanks to have the propane appliances, propane system and tank inspected on a five-year cycle.ORVDA carefully monitored this issue and participated in frequent discussions with TSSA. Industry representatives attended risk
reduction group (RRG) meetings and successfully demonstrated to TSSA that RVs should be exempt from the inspection
and labeling requirements.
  • Permanently mounted tanks, unlike cylinders, do not require re-certification every 5 or 10 years.
  • There are no labeling requirements on permanently mounted propane tanks
  • The CSA B149.2 has been revised to reflect the discontinuation of inspection and labeling requirements

Until recently, propane fill station attendants were unaware of the exemption and were instructed to not fill propane tanks unless the RV displayed the label indicating that the unit met Ontario’s  requirements.

ORVDA was determined to eliminate the filling station confusion. We recommended TSSA publish an advisory, clarifying re-fuelling requirements for propane vehicles in Ontario, including aftermarket propane conversions, OEM propane vehicles, Recreational Vehicles and out-of-province propane vehicles. The ORVDA is extremely pleased to confirm that the advisories regarding refuelling propane vehicles in Ontario were approved by TSSA and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. The advisories were published on the TSSA and ORVDA websites in May 2018. Please see below for links.

ORVDA would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Heidi Stoate (The Hitch House) and Shane Devenish (CRVA) for their important assistance in resolving this issue.