Government of Ontario extends business closures

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Today’s message from the Government of Ontario was stark: COVID-19 could kill 3,000 to 15,000 people in Ontario over the course of the pandemic, the ramifications of which could last up to two years.

Effective Saturday, April 4 at 11:59pm, the Ontario government has reduced the list of businesses classified as essential. The updated list can be found here.  These closures are in effect for 14 days, and may be extended. Teleworking, online commerce and other innovative ways of working remotely are permitted at all times and are strongly encouraged for all businesses. All supply chains necessary for the production of vital food and healthcare supplies are being protected and remain intact.

ORVDA believes RV dealers are defined as essential services under the provisions of items #1, #7, #15, #21 and #22 on that list. If your business is flagged, indicate you are covered by those items. We have placed a call into the Ontario government hotline to confirm.

Our colleagues at the Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) are in contact with the provincial government to demonstrate the significant role campgrounds continue to play for citizens and returning Snowbirds who are required to self-isolate. Details may be found on the CCRVC blog.

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