RPRA and Ontario RV Dealers: Member Feedback

RPRA’s oversight does not treat RV tires as unique
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Obligation for tire recycling has shifted in Ontario — and has significant financial repercussions for dealers.

Situation: The new “Individual Producer Responsibility” model

As you are aware,  obligation for tire recycling has shifted in Ontario. The new “Individual Producer Responsibility” model makes obligated stewards accountable for ensuring that their share of used tires are recovered and recycled according to standards set by the government.  RV tire lifespan is unique  and as a result, tire recycling targets for the RV industry should reflect this difference and should not be the same as targets for other vehicle types.

RPRA’s oversight does not treat RV tires as unique

Instead of taking into account the unique lifespan of RV tires, RPRA classifies them the same as other vehicle types and expects them to be recycled after a two-year lifespan.

The reporting mechanism being imposed by RPRA is estimated to cost RV dealers $3,000-$5,000 annually. This additional cost incurred will not improve competitiveness, efficiency, or profitability for dealers. In fact, it will have the opposite outcome.

We need your feedback

ORVDA is committed to advocating in the best interests of our member network and we are asking RV Dealer members to complete a short survey here. Results will allow us to demonstrate how this issue is in conflict with the government’s stated priorities.   We value your input, which will remain anonymous and be presented as aggregate data.

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