Regulatory Amendments under the Highway Traffic Act         

Effective July 1, 2019: pickup trucks and trailers for personal use are exempt from the requirement for an annual inspection (both the inspection and displaying the yellow decal/sticker). Please review details here.

Fuels Safety Program Advisory

As of May 18, 2018:

Refuelling Propane Vehicles at Licensed Propane Refuelling Stations in Ontario
Certificate Holder Requirements to Refuel and Work on Propane Vehicles

RV Weights & Licencing Ontario

As of July 1, 2011: Permits operation and towing of an RV up to 11,000 kg “combined vehicle weight” (car/truck & RV), for personal use, with a “G” Licence and an optional RV Safety Towing Checklist/test and identification card (for enforcement and insurance clarification). The latter is available through any participating ORVDA RV dealer in Ontario (Ontario Regulation 340/94).

The identification card:

  • verifies you have completed an over-weight RV test/questionnaire.
  • confirms that your RV, if applicable, falls within the 11,000kg (24,250lbs) combined (tow vehicle and towed vehicle) category. Most tow vehicles fall within the 4,500kg (9,900lbs) range.(14,325lbs).validates travel in most state and provincial jurisdictions that have reciprocity agreements with Ontario.

The card is not mandatory, however we recommend you carry it.


The Canadian Propane Association has developed an extremely useful interactive Propane Fuelling Station Locator, which can be accessed here.