Training & Curriculum

Training & Curriculum – Pathway to Apprenticeship
To complete an apprenticeship training program individuals must become members of the Ontario College of Trades (the College), and remain active for the duration of their apprenticeship.
After completing an apprenticeship, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) issues a Certificate of Apprenticeship.
Upon passing the trade’s certification examination and meeting the College’s registration requirements, individuals may apply to become certified and registered as a journey person in the trade. In Ontario, the trade is part of the Interprovincial Red Seal Program — the national standard for the trade across Canada — under the title Recreational Vehicle Service Technician:

Apprenticeships involve practical training provided by a skilled worker, or trainer on-the-job . The skills or competencies to be developed are set out by the trade’s Apprenticeship Training Standard and are recognized by the industry as essential to the practice of the trade.
As individuals hone their skills their sponsor or trainer certifies that the apprentice has met the training objectives and demonstrates the skills required of a journey person in the trade.
In Ontario, recreation vehicles refers to vehicles designed as mobile accommodation or self-propelled mobile accommodation and used as transportation. It also includes a cabin trailer, collapsible cabin trailer, tent trailer and camping trailer.
Recreation Vehicle Technicians in Ontario typically also hold a gas certification under the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.
To complete their apprenticeship, a Recreation Vehicle Service Technician must complete 6,280 hours of on the job training.

In-School Training
A Recreation Vehicle Technician apprenticeship includes three levels of theoretical training, which includes but is not limited to instruction in:
  • shop practices
  • LPG systems
  • electrical and electronic systems
  • RV construction and appearance
  • plumbing and gas systems
  • welding practices
  • towed unit systems
  • heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems
  • accessories
Because there are currently no Training Delivery Agents delivering the in-school blocks for this trade in Ontario, upon completion of the on-the job hours/competencies, registered apprentices can request a Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) from their local Ministry office to complete their apprenticeship.